Marina Bay Integrated Resort Competition

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Marina Bay Integrated Resort Competition

Foregrounding culture, education and leadership, this mixed-use precinct defines an iconic identity for Marina Bay and all Singapore, resonating with Singaporeans’ progressive energy and dynamism.

0524 Marina Hero1

Marina Bay is a contemporary statement rooted in the geological origin of the island of Singapore, which transformed from a fishing village to an international metropolis in a single generation. The complex is emblematic of Singapore’s entry into the global conversation.

Todd Schliemann, Design Partner
0524 Marina Program Plan

The expansive development includes a museum, executive center, hotels and retail.

Conceived formally as a natural extension and further evolution of the man-made land on which the complex sits, Marina Bay metaphorically represents the continuity of nature and life of Singapore itself.

0524 Marina Bridge
0524 Marina Approach

Its forms appear to have emerged organically from the sea, then refined by the human hand. The twin helical hotel towers twist skyward like DNA arising out of the sea, forming a gateway to the city and the region.

0524 Marina Bay2
0524 Marina Circulation
0524 Marina Museum2
0524 Marina Interior4

The “Seed Pavilion,” a natural history museum celebrating both the genesis of life and the potential of culture, defines the aspirations for the complex. It is both the centerpiece of the complex and an icon of Singapore’s birth and its future.

The podium’s irregular bayfront edge suggests a weathered cliff face eroded by wind and water. 

0524 Marina Bay1
0524 Marina Hotel Atrium
0524 Marina Interior3

The project’s dynamic architectural imagery incorporates a rich array of cultural reference, poetic metaphor and symbols of aspiration, expressing Singapore’s identity as never before.


Singapore, Singapore
6,135,000 GSF
Continuous Waterfront Promenade with Public Plazas and Gathering Spaces, Restaurants, Food and Beverage Kiosks, Landscaped Areas, Stepped Amphitheater-Like Areas for Seating; Resort with 5,000 Hotel Rooms and Formal Event Spaces, Grand Ballroom, 12,000-seat Arena, Flexible Showroom/Plenary Hall, Outdoor Events Plaza; Integrated Natural History/Science Museum, Casino, the World Congress and Exhibition Center, Singapore Leadership Institute


Design Partner
Todd Schliemann
Management Partner
Duncan Hazard
Senior Designer
Thomas Wong
Project Manager
Don Weinreich
Project Designer
Jarrett Pelletier
Design Team
Sean Baumes, Carlyle Fraser, Brian Masuda, Daniel Stube
Associate Architect
DP Architects Pte, Ltd.


Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc.
Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd
ICN Design International
Atelier Ten
Rider Levett Bucknall
Theatre Projects Consultants, Inc.
Hotel Interiors
Hirsch Bedner Associates
Forrec Ltd
Water Works
Leisure Management
Forrec Ltd
Duffill Watts Pte Ltd