Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Design and Media Center

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Design and Media Center

Heralded as an institutional game changer, MassArt’s new Design and Media Center creates a welcoming threshold for the College along Boston’s “Avenue of the Arts,” unifying its adjacent buildings and providing greater accessibility to campus.

1020 Mass Art Vanderwarker Ext Crop

A new transparent face to the city forms the College's new primary campus entry. This project, as it breathes new life into an underutilized structure, becomes a vital intersection of art and design on campus and in the city.

Susan T. Rodriguez, Design Partner

Located at a critical intersection of campus and city on a dense and stylistically-varied block, the new Center connects the College to its surroundings with the transformation of a long-unutilized brick gymnasium.

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1020 Mass Art Context
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MassArt’s spirit of design innovation and cross-disciplinary curriculum are translated into a four-story flexible system of studios, galleries and shared technical spaces.

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Marking the entry to the building, a double-height lobby creates a memorable focal point upon arrival. A choreographed sequence of stairs and ramps improves internal circulation and ushers visitors to the major public spaces within, including a triple-height public atrium that serves as the central exhibition space.

1020 Mass Art Interior4
1020 Mass Art Vanderwarker Int Girl
1020 Mass Art Vanderwarker Int

On the foundations of the 1930s structure, a new monumental volume has been created, its glass façade a counterpoint to the opacity of the original building and a visual portal to and from the city, effectively revealing MassArt’s activity and creative curriculum.

1020 Mass Art Interior2
1020 Mass Art Looking Out

The design of this building was an opportunity to take traditional practice and blend it with innovative thinking, and lay out the groundwork for what the future of art and design practice will be for the twenty-first century. That is the heart of MassArt and the focus of this building, and we are all very excited about moving forward as this promise materializes.

Ken Strickland, Interim President and Provost, MassArt
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1020 Mass Art Opening2


Boston, MA
72,000 GSF
Exhibition Hall, 150-seat Lecture Hall, Gallery and Critique Space, Lighting and Sound Studios, Wood Shop, New Fabrication Lab, Two Large Studio Spaces, Product Development Laboratory, Project and Installation Rooms
LEED Silver (pursuing)


Design Partner
Susan T. Rodriguez
Management Partner
Don Weinreich
Project Manager
Joanne Sliker
Project Architect
Charles Brainerd
Construction Administration Manager
William Clark
Design Team
Kori Camacho, Justine Cheng, Nicholas Hunt, Paul Keene, Christina Long, John Majewski, Kenneth Namkung


  • 2018
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Vanderweil Engineers
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
Brandston Partnership, Inc.
Harvey Marshall Berling Associates
Lerch Bates
Robert Schwartz & Associates
Cost Estimating
Vermeulens Cost Consultants
Code/Life Safety
Hughes Associates, Inc.
Industrial Hygiene
Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety
Hazardous Materials
Axiom Partners
Richard Barnes, Matthew Melrose/LERA, Peter Vanderwarker, Don Weinreich/Ennead Architects
Construction Manager
Walsh Brothers