The Walters Art Museum Master Plan

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The Walters Art Museum Master Plan

The Master Plan creates a dynamic framework for future expansion, enabling the campus to properly serve the needs of the visiting public and specialized researchers.

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The master plan establishes guidelines for maximizing the use of the Museum’s existing facilities and rationalizing a recently purchased three-story limestone Beaux-Arts building and a potential new building on an adjacent parking lot.  

Programs and collections are currently dispersed across buildings of disparate time periods and styles: a grand 1908 neo-Renaissance palazzo with a 1974 Brutalist addition, and two mid-nineteenth-century mansions. 

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The plan also proposes guidelines for the Museum’s creating a more enhanced public presence, strategically developing new facilities and better integrating with its historic Mount Vernon neighborhood.

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A 2011 update outlines a first phase implementation for the conjoined 1908 and 1974 structures.


Baltimore, MD
440,580 GSF
Galleries, Conservation, Curatorial Departments, Exhibit Support, Administrative Spaces, Education and Special Events Spaces, Retail Shop


Design Partner
Thomas Wong
Management Partners
Duncan Hazard, Don Weinreich
Project Manager
Mazie Huh
Project Architect
Paul Keene


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Altieri Sebor Wieber LLC Consulting Engineers
Exterior Envelope
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
Jensen Hughes
Cost Estimating
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company