Yale University Arts Area Planning Study

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Yale University Arts Area Planning Study

This comprehensive programming, building survey and planning study analyzed seventeen facilities of Yale’s prestigious arts programs and, predicated on the increasingly cross-disciplinary nature of the arts in the twenty-first century, defined direction for future development.

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The goal was to encourage a dialogue between the distinct arts disciplines at Yale, while reinforcing the identity and fulfilling the needs of each esteemed program.

Duncan Hazard, Management Partner

The Center for British Art, the Art Gallery, the Arts Library, History of Art Department and the Schools of Drama, Art and Architecture, and the Repertory Theatre comprise the campus’s Arts Area.

Three primary objectives drove the study: to determine the optimal use for each existing facility by analyzing its physical condition, available space, expandability and potential; to encourage, through these optimizations, a synergy and interdependence of the arts at Yale while at the same time reinforcing the individual identities of each unit; to encourage an interaction between the arts at Yale and both its immediate community and its many visitors.

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The ultimate scheme called for the creation of a new arts complex on York Street comprised of a restored A+A Building and an additional building to house program of the School of Architecture, the History of Art Department, the Arts Library and the Digital Media Center. This plan was realized in the 2008 Rudolph Hall renovation and Loria Center expansion. 

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The plan also proposed the expansion of the Art Gallery, which would occupy the three-building complex of the Kahn Building, Swartwout Hall and Street Hall. This materialized in Ennead’s Kahn Building renovation of 2006 and the Yale Art Gallery Renovation and Expansion in 2012.


New Haven, CT
750,000 GSF


Design Partner
James S. Polshek
Management Partner
Duncan Hazard
Project Designer
Richard Olcott
Design Team
Kevin McClurkan, Thomas Wong, Robert Young


Altieri Sebor Wieber LLC Consulting Engineers
Rolland/Towers, P.C.
Fisher Marantz Stone
Cost Estimating/Delivery
Wolf & Company, P.C.
Exterior Diagnostics & Design
James R. Gainfort Consulting Architects, P.C., Garrison/Lull, Inc.