Hongqiao Shanghai Plot 5

1327 Ea Lobby Entry

Hongqiao Shanghai Plot 5

1327 Ea Aerial
1327 Ea Roofscape

Built within the new Hongqiao Central Business District in Shanghai, this full-block mixed-use development creates a new campus of corporate offices and pedestrian retail environments. 

1327 Rf Aerial 01

Developed specifically with two scales of tenants in mind, the design creates a lushly planted village landscape of smaller office “villas”, sunken retail courtyards, and open garden spaces framed by the larger office buildings at the perimeter of the block.  

1327 Ea Courtyard Desaturated

The design creates a systematic approach for large-scale block patterns, a particular urban challenge seen throughout many contemporary Asian metropolises.  First, a series of perimeter buildings enclose the block; second, the block is bisected by two pedestrian "streets"; third, a smaller scale of "village" buildings populates the interior block and surrounds smaller pedestrian courtyards.  This approach provides a much-needed secondary scale of pedestrian walkways and connections within the otherwise car-driven scale of these cities.

In order to maximize light, air, and connectivity within and between neighboring companies, the perimeter buildings are punctuated by connective atria which house shared amenity spaces and bring the public spaces of the exterior up into the buildings.

1327 Amenity 02
1327 Ea Lobby Entry
1327 Amenities


2014 (unbuilt)
Shanghai, China
1,614,586 GSF
Commercial office, retail and F&B


Peter Schubert
Kevin McClurkan
Andrew Burdick
Stefan Abel, Kristen Alexander, Erkan Emre, Brad Groff, Julie Kaufman, Jing Lu 吕晶, Xiaoyun Mao, Kyung Min, Jacob Reidel, Nikita Payusov, Chris Shusta, Lanxi Sun 孙澜溪, Na Sun, Melanie Weismiller