NYU Langone Medical Center, Master Plan

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NYU Langone Medical Center, Master Plan

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The redevelopment of the campus effectively repositions  NYU Langone and reassess its identity in the neighboring community and the city at large. The new architecture projects a forward-looking, welcoming institution and unifies all of the buildings on campus through common use of materials and a clean, modern architectural language. The design creates an open, inviting and calm respite from the activity of the city, particularly the First Avenue Biomedical Corridor.

In contrast to the original 1999 Master Plan, which followed the mid-century modern paradigm of “towers in a park,” the new Master Plan acknowledges growth as a way to better define urban streetwall, waterfront skyline and the “podium and tower” typology, while maintaining clear open and green space on the campus superblock.

The redevelopment of the campus seeks to create a single, integrated civic and academic precinct, connecting the ambulatory facilities along the 34th Street corridor, through the North Clinical Campus, to the School of Medicine and the research and education sites south of 30th Street, most notably Bellevue Hospital where NYU Langone students do much of their training. 

Along the way, a clear and coherent network of public spaces, amenities, services, and green spaces have been designed to serve the diverse academic medical center community. While the buildings of the campus date from the 1940’s to the present, the newly designed public spaces create a unified experience, with consistent architectural language, materials, electronic interactive displays, and public art throughout.  

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Campus Transformation included a comprehensive plan for upgrading campus infrastructure and resiliency. New centralized electrical service was paired with a 7.5 megawatt cogeneration plant, lowering energy costs and allowing the campus to operate in “island mode,” disconnected from the grid in the event of a sustained utility outage. A perimeter flood wall, with operable gates at points of pedestrian and vehicular access, protects the campus from East River flooding and allows for continued care of patients. Critical infrastructure across the campus was raised above the flood elevation, and new redundant IT services and data centers were created to ensure the resiliency of the technology systems and data that is now so critical to patient care. 

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From 2010-18 Ennead Architects has worked with NYU Langone to implement the master plan, including the design of several new buildings and the comprehensive reorganization and redesign of the campus network of public spaces and courtyards.


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New York, NY
2,500,000 GSF
Patient Care, Eduction, Research, Housing, Administration, Clinical Support, Building Support and Infrastructure


Ennead Design Team
Thomas Wong, Duncan Hazard, David Tepper, Lois Mate, Marissa Sweig, Matthew Dionne, Ryan Lewandowski, Elizabeth Arnaiz, Tara Leibenhaut-Tyre, Natasha Skogerboe, Vram Malek, Andrew Sumners
MEP / IT Consultant
: Jaros, Baum & Bolles
Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects