Pujiang Office Park

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Pujiang Office Park

Enlivened by a circuitry of gardens, this mixed-use development in the expanding suburbs of Shanghai offers a flexible corporate campus where creative and high-tech offices spill into the landscape.

Circuitry Site Plan 2 A

Formed by ten buildings that create a dynamic skyline, Pujiang Office Park is a verdant, holistic environment where adaptable office space and gardens meet. The buildings are designed with a flexible framework—including speculative office space, high-tech laboratories and conference areas—to accommodate a variety of potential tenants and evolve for the needs of future users. 

2018 06 04 Ennnead 浦江项目 C01

The grid of the surrounding industrial area informed the park’s siting strategy; within the park, this grid touches every major element, from the curtainwall mullions to the landscape that flows through the campus. 

2017 09 21 Perspective Section

The form and arrangement of the campus’ buildings create defined outdoor spaces, drawing influence from Chinese gardening tradition. Green roofs on six of the buildings gesture at the gardens below, creating a lush topology that stretches from the upper levels down through the landscape, from the adjacent San Lu River and Zhou Pu Creek to sunken courtyards below grade level.

2018 06 04 Ennnead 浦江项目 C04

A window wall system is employed on the buildings’ façades, not only reflecting the clean aesthetic of the office park, but also securing construction cost and constructability. Paths of visibility afforded by this double façade system draw the surrounding landscape into the interior spaces, providing a more holistic experience for tenants and visitors. The transparency of the large glass curtainwall used for building entries and lobbies encourage exchange and communication among users by creating visually-permeable communal spaces.

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Shanghai, China
1,345,790 GSF (125,028 sqm)
Office, Conference, Lab, Lobby, Café, Canteen, Retail


Ennead Design Team
Peter Schubert, Kevin McClurkan, Jing Lu 吕晶, Wei Wei Kuang 邝薇薇, Charles Wong 黄泽修, Colin Davis, Albert Cua, Stefani Fachini, Cheng Gong, Xinya Li 李欣亚, Akil Matthews, Stephanie Mauer, Dona Orozova, Harry Park, Miya Ruan 阮玲丽, Ursula Trost, Heidi Lian 连蔚杉, Shuoyang Wang 王硕洋