Join Alex O’Briant at SCUP-52 in Washington, DC for the "Recombinant Campus: The Impact of Pedagogical Trends on Physical Planning"

Alex Obriant

Recombinant Campus: The Impact of Pedagogical Trends on Physical Planning

Session Abstract: Shifts in pedagogy are generating interdisciplinary initiatives, innovation districts and hybrid building types. At the same time, the emphasis on value, utilization and operational efficiency has major ramifications for programming and planning individual buildings and the campus at-large. Responsive campuses are recombining accordingly. This panel will explore and assess the trends and look at how smart planning and programming can help campuses innovate. By bringing seemingly isolated trends into a larger context, we’ll help you make more holistic decisions when planning or programming.

Alex’s co-presenters include Michael Gulich, Director, Office of Campus Master  Planning and Sustainability at Purdue University-Main Campus; Eve B. Klein, Co-Founder, User Design  Information Group at CUNY Graduate School and University Center; and Howard S. Wertheimer, Assistant Vice President, Capital Planning and Space Management at Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus.

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