Ennead and COVID-19 Statement

Ennead Photo 03162020

As we are presented with the growing challenges brought on by the increasing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Ennead Architects’ unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit to support the public realm anchors our concerns and our actions to ensure the health and well-being of our friends, colleagues, clients, families and communities. First and foremost, we are carefully following the guidelines and requirements of the CDC, New York State, the Office of the Mayor and the NYC Department of Health and Hygiene to safeguard our staff and all those we encounter personally and professionally.

We have implemented a Work-from-Home policy and have well-tested platforms for remote working so that under these evolving circumstances, we can continue to provide without interruption, the highest level of service to our clients and the communities in which we work around the country and the globe. During this time, we have measures in place to strengthen internal and external communications, optimize our advanced IT infrastructure, support our office culture, and allow us to be fully engaged in our projects. Needless to say, we have great faith that as we go about our adjusted routines, we can continue to work efficiently and effectively with our clients, our collaborators, relevant regulatory agencies, construction groups and colleagues in our offices in New York City and Shanghai, where we successfully worked remotely for the past month and are now able to return to normalized conditions.

This is a time when everyone is united by and directly responsible to a common purpose. As we take action to confront the many challenges this pandemic presents, we are brought together by a profound and achievable goal. Through our efforts individually and in concert, we reinforce our commitment to one another and to our communities and we are confident that through our shared humanity we will move toward an optimistic future.

All points of contact for our offices remain open and accessible. Please reach out to us by phone or email with any questions.

On behalf of all of us at Ennead Architects, we want you to stay safe and well during this time.

The Partners of Ennead Architects