Ennead is a proud signatory of the 1.5oC COP26 Communiqué

COP26 LI Web Graphic

We are proud to be among the 70 international architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, planning, and construction firms that have signed the 1.5oC COP26 Communiqué, supporting the goals of Architecture 2030 and the global effort to limit planetary warming per the Paris Agreement. We believe that good design has the capacity and the moral imperative to address many aspects of climate inequity and to help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Click here for statements from each of the 1.5oC COP26 Communiqué signatories. An excerpt from Ennead’ statement:

“Our mission at Ennead Architects is to empower every project team member to engage as Directors of Sustainability – to encourage full agency in our collective mission to decarbonize our work and to address many aspects of climate inequity. The desire by project stakeholders to take action has never been stronger and opportunities to make a difference have increased tremendously. I feel the momentum is reaching an important tipping point, and none too soon!”
—Stefan Knust, Ennead Director of Sustainability

Click here to view the COP26 Communiqué Call to Action.