Juno Austin Breaks Ground

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Ennead is excited to be partnering with Juno, an integrated product company that combines world-class design and a mass timber building system to create elegant, innovative, and sustainable homes in cities. Ennead, along with construction manager Swinerton, is helping to design, develop, and put the Juno model into practice.

Today Juno announced their Series A funding, which marks a milestone in their efforts of bringing a more sustainable future to people in cities around the world. The first official Juno apartment building in Austin is set to break ground in the coming months and open in 2022. Juno has more than 400 units in design with sites also in development in Seattle and Denver.

Juno is using a productization approach to simplify the entire apartment development process to improve multifamily buildings for residents, investors, and the planet. “By creating buildings worthy of repeating, Juno does more for the people who inhabit them, and creates software and supply chains to design and build them more efficiently so net zero development becomes the rule, not the exception,” said Co-founder/CEO Jonathan Scherr in today’s announcement. “The platform we are building also lays the groundwork for something that is quite uncommon in real estate: continuous improvement. All the information we gather about a building’s design, materials, and assembly, not only make our processes more efficient, they also make it possible to monitor a building once it’s built, and allow for the building process to learn from those that came before it.”

Learn more about Juno’s mission here and view coverage of the Series A funding and groundbreaking announcement in Tech Crunch and an interview in Dezeen with BJ Siegel, Co-founder and Head of Design.