Introducing Conversations with Ennead Principals

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As part of our Conversations with Ennead series, we are pleased to share three new videos featuring Ennead Principals Felicia Berger, Grace Chen, and Melissa Sarko. It is the first of two video installments introducing our six Principals at the firm.

Felicia Berger
is a Principal and Project Manager who leads Ennead’s Center for Federal Projects. She believes that successful projects are born from strong partnerships and a deep understanding of a client’s specific goals and aspirations. In her video she talks about architecture’s ability to change human experience for the better, saying: “Oftentimes we are designing for clients who want to fit a program into an envelope, but in doing so, we create something that is greater than the sum of its parts: we create places for ideas to emerge, for people to congregate, and for communities to feel supported.”

Grace Chen is a Principal and Director of Asia Practice at Ennead Architects. In addition to her project-related responsibilities, her efforts are directed to promoting an integrated practice of design excellence supported by technical innovation and a collaborative team-based project management culture. In her video she describes the firm’s accomplishments in Asia since the opening the Shanghai office in 2014, saying: “We have designed more than 1.5 million square meters of buildings in China and we have completed more than 50 projects. Beyond the size and the scale, we are really proud of the quality of the projects that we have delivered.”

Melissa Sarko is a Principal and Project Manager, who plays an integral role on a broad variety of institutional and academic projects. An expert in technical and regulatory requirements, Melissa is highly experienced in managing complex, large-scale projects. In her video she talks about the value of Ennead’s diverse body of work, noting: “One of the best things about Ennead is that there is a variety of project typologies that you could be working on at any given time. Having access to different project types allows you to really understand the way that different buildings function, and cross-pollinate that information across different project types.”