Juno and Ennead in the News

2020 Exterior 2

Juno is an integrated production company that combines world-class design and a mass timber building system to create elegant, innovative, and sustainable homes in cities. Ennead is helping to design, develop, and put the Juno model into practice. Concurrent with the completion of the first official Juno apartment building in Austin in the coming months, Juno and Ennead have been in the press.

Ennead partner Tomas Rossant and Juno co-founder BJ Siegel join DESIGN:ED podcast to discuss their unique approach to design and construction, the future of cities, and the role of mass timber in generating affordable housing.

“Ennead is really interested in making high design more accessible to more people. Design as practice richly can improve people’s lives. Yet it’s so expensive and so few people have access to the best design.“

-Tomas Rossant, Ennead Partner

Listen here, or anywhere you find podcasts.

Architectural Record published an article about Juno in their October print issue. It discusses how the “New Startup Aims to Upend Housing Design and Construction.”

Tomas Rossant also spoke about Juno during his lecture at Architectural Record’s Innovation Conference. The conference brings together industry professionals to learn about the future of design and urbanism from a robust line-up of architects. This year the conference focused on the theme “Architecture and Its Alternatives.”

Tomas’s talk “Restoring the Expansive Architect,” discussed how, for millennia, architects have innovated, experimenting with new materials, new technologies, and new forms. But today we need another type of innovation, to maintain architecture's design creativity, passion, and humanism to keep the profession from dying. It is essential to reinvent the business model, to become more financially secure while re-positioning the architect as the great problem solver—to better deploy the power of architecture and urbanism to redress social and environmental ills. He used Ennead’s partnership with Juno to illustrate how architects can take on expanded roles to help their practice and their communities.

An on-demand video of the lecture will be available in the coming weeks.