Ideal Architectire Festival Recognizes Ennead Designs

IAF awards 2022

Guangzhou Design Week's Ideal Architectural Festival (IAF) has recognized two Ennead designs. IAF is an international competition that focuses on the realization and rebirth of "unbuilt" design projects. It is open to global architects and designers. The festival encourages architects to use unique architectural language to express their distinct personal styles, endow buildings with more art and imagination, and design works with the possibility to change the future.

Our design for Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts was recognized with a merit award in the category of Unbuildt Educational Buildings. The design transforms the existing Bao Steel Plant into an open campus that blurs the boundary between campus and city to create an academic environment that is creative, thriving, and collaborative.

Our design for Yangtze River Estuary Chinese Sturgeon Nature Preserve was a winner in the category of Best Unbuilt. This competition-winning design includes a complex series of interior and exterior pools for breeding and raising endangered Chinese Sturgeon and Finless Porpoises, mimicking their natural migration into waters of varying size and salinity, as well as facilities dedicated to their research and reintegration into their natural habitat. The design makes the important work of the institution visible to visitors through an immersive aquarium and exhibit experience, bringing them into direct contact with its activities.

Learn more about the winning projects here.