Princeton's Historic 91 Prospect Moves to New Address Across the Street

1836 01 Aerial

After 96 years, the historic brick Tudor Revival that once stood at 91 Prospect Avenue has a new address — 110 Prospect.

Princeton documented the move in the video below.

“When we did the campus plan in 2017, which sets out a vision for growth in the next 10 and 30 years, that campus plan identified this part of the campus as an area for growth, for environmental studies in the School of Engineering...We realized that there was an opportunity to take 91 Prospect and move it across the street, maintain its current function as a home for the office of the dean for research, and preserve the character of the street, while still allowing us to realize the vision for environmental studies in the School of Engineering. Those of us who live through the experience of moving it, see it as a kind of momentous event, but to new residents of Princeton or new students coming into Princeton, it'll seem like it's always been there.”

- Ron McCoy, Princeton University Architect.

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