Ennead Partner Richard Olcott on Radical Reuse

RMO Mansion Global interview

Ennead Partner Richard Olcott gave an interview to Mansion Global, discussing how architecture is trending toward adaptive reuse, and exploring the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center as an example of how an existing building can be transformed to serve a new purpose.

Addressing the importance of adaptive reuse, Richard said "...everyone is realizing that the most sustainable building is the one that you already have. It’s become ever more important to address these issues of climate change. That is something that’s really changed in the last several years that people are acutely aware of. Thinking about adaptive reuse is much more important than it ever used to be."

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Richard was also recently a guest on  DETAILED: an ARCAT original Podcast, where he shares further about the radical reuse of the Hopkins Bloomberg Center.

Listen to the podcast here