Harnessing Technology to Further Innovation

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Ennead's Applied Computing Department works to stay at the vanguard of architectural technology, discovering and incorporating efficient workflows that encourage innovation. The Computational Design Forum is an internal meetup that discusses computational methods in design and process.

BIM Best Practices provide a set of standards for all projects using Building Information Modeling for design and documentation. This support provides the user with an optimal design environment, reducing time spent documenting building design, creating stable and consistent methods of modeling, eliminating complications associated with workflow and dataflow, and enabling a smooth transition of staff between projects.

The Technical Building Group collects and archives resources and information to aid in understanding the technical and regulatory requirements related to construction systems and office standards for producing and maintaining the quality of their documentation. Senior technical staff mentor junior architects to continue Ennead’s reputation for expert detailing and craftsmanship.

The Construction Administration Group meets regularly to exchange information and experience of building best practices, and is a great resource to staff members at all levels.