Oculus Op-Ed by Ennead Partners Tomas Rossant and Molly McGowan "Towards a New Way of Teaching and Learning"

2021 JG20 518

Ennead Partners Tomas Rossant AIA and Molly McGowan AIA co-authored an op-ed featured in the latest issue of Oculus Magazine. They discuss innovations in K-12 educational spaces, highlighting several trends that help inform how Ennead creates bespoke educational environments and optimizes K-12 learning cultures.

The op-ed discusses the importance of "spaces in between" which help to establish a habit of lifelong learning that continues beyond the classroom, the prioritization of "maker spaces" that help foster design thinking and elastic minds, and flexible classroom designs that can change to accommodate students’ needs. The connective thread of these trends is anticipating the next step in a child’s academic career. This progressive design mindset leads to the creation of spaces that will prepare students for the future, and optimize each stage of learning along the way. The result is sophisticated educational environments that balance technically-advanced teaching spaces with spaces for serendipitous social interaction and community building.

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