Jarrett Pelletier Interviewed about Milwaukee Public Museum, the Future Museum

2022 8 29 Milwaukee Museum

OnMilwaukee recently spoke with Ennead Associate Principal, Jarrett Pelletier, to learn more about the inspiration behind the design.

“On our seven-day trip across the state, we tried to understand the intersection of nature and culture. What does that look like, and what does that feel like?

One of the things that we saw throughout the state, whether in the Driftless Region, on top of Mill Bluff, or on Lake Superior, was this nestling between those two parts. We were looking to find a way to create an identity for the building that would tell the story of how those two things are inextricably tied together.”

- Jarrett Pelletier, Ennead Associate Principal

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Radio Milwaukee also spoke with Jarrett about the project for an interview aired on Urban Spelunking.

The discussion was about the journey that led to the Future Museum design.

"[the team] tried to look at how nature intersects with culture and vice versa, at Mill bluff that intersection was very apparent to us...one of the parts of the experience we took inspiration from is this idea of the ‘base, middle and top’, which was about tracking our experience around the bluff. Being at the bottom, looking up being inspired …. as we're hiking up the bluff, exploring it ... and then getting to the top and really seeing how that place is situated amongst all the other places around it. … it unfolded to us as we explored the place because we learned about how people utilized the land over time and how that informed who came to settle there.’

- Jarrett Pelletier, Ennead Associate Principal

Listen to the full interview here.

Milwaukee Public Museum, the Future Museum is designed by Ennead Architects and Kahler Slater.