Allegheny College, Vukovich Center for Communication Arts

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Allegheny College, Vukovich Center for Communication Arts

Conceived as a teaching theater, the Vukovich Center for Communication Arts eliminates barriers between "front of house" and "back of house" spaces, demystifying the production and performance of drama, television and related communication arts.

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The Vukovich Center is itself performative; the structure functions as a stage as well as housing stages to expand opportunities for creativity.

Todd Schliemann, Design Partner
0512 Allegheny Aerial

The Center places the arts at the center of Allegheny College, metaphorically and physically. Its strategic placement creates an arts quadrangle on Allegheny’s campus, exposing students to the arts and linking the structure with the student center while rationalizing a significant grade change.

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0512 Allegheny Interior2
0512 Allegheny Facade

The building’s exterior palette of zinc, glass and red and dark gray iron-spot brick accentuate its simple volumes and reference the campus context.

0512 Allegheny Detail
0512 Allegheny Entry
0512 Allegheny Material

A traditional proscenium theater layout was adapted to create a flexible performance space that enables actors to enter and exit either backstage or through the audience, creating an engaging, intimate and participatory theater experience.

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0512 Allegheny Theater2
0512 Allegheny Theater
0512 Allegheny Cafe
0512 Allegheny Courtyard

A central outdoor gathering space blurs the distinction between inside and outside: it engages the building interior by means of a glazed curtain wall, whose transparency is underscored through the use of low-iron glass.

0512 Allegheny Set
0512 Allegheny Classroom Detail

The new technologically-advanced facilities enhance collaboration among disciplines, enable innovative new teaching methods, and allow the department to enrich its programs in the communications arts.

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0512 Allegheny Workshop
0512 Allegheny Classroom


Meadville, PA
40,000 GSF
250-seat Proscenium Theater, Black-Box Theater, Costume Shop, Dressing Room, Television Studio, Production Space, Media Screening Room, Department Office


Design Partner
Todd Schliemann
Management Partner
Timothy Hartung
Project Designer
Brian Masuda
Project Manager
Molly McGowan
Design Team
Chris Andreacola, Charles Brainerd, Matthew Dionne, Amber Foo, Youngsun Ko, Kenichiro Mito, Charmian Place, Allison Reeves, Maura Rogers, James Sinks, Madeleine Sun, Akari Takebayashi, Todd Van Varick


  • 2010
    • AIA New York State Excellence in Design
    • AIA Pittsburgh Honor Award for Architecture
    • USITT 2010 Architecture Merit Award
    • Award of Excellence, Society of American Registered Architects/Pennsylvania Council


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Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects