Husu Dafeng Industrial Park

DJI 0151 01

Husu Dafeng Industrial Park

The design for the Husu Dafeng Industrial Park creates a vibrant sustainable campus with open space that engages the harbor and landmark buildings that bridge between two cities.

The site sits at the nexus of Dafeng and the harbor district to the East serving as an urban destination for enterprise and leisure. The project is accessible by vehicle on two public roads over the river, mass transit, and light rail.

DJI 0151 01

An iconic 50m HQ building with an event space looking over the river is surrounded by additional support buildings that house canteens, lecture halls, cultural spaces, and a flexible 40m building that can transition to a residential building.

The structures are surrounded by human scaled moments of landscape bridges and sunken courtyards. At the ground plane traditionally inspired Chinese gardens and paving are complimented by a state of the art canopy system to enforce a unified identity.

MG 9975

The project has strong sustainable goals that were achieved by PV arrays on each building that turn down to act as sun shading devices on selected façades with high solar exposure.



Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
Headquarter Office/ serviced apartment/ Auditorium


Ennead Design Team
Richard Olcott, Kevin McClurkan, Margarita Calero, Dalia Hamati, Huishan He, Ethan Shaw, Neil Yuan, Jackie Zhou
Landscape Architect
RA Architects
Yihuai Hu