University of North Texas Denton Business Leadership Center

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University of North Texas Denton Business Leadership Center

This technologically-sophisticated facility at the heart of campus creates a new identity for the College of Business befitting its position as one of the largest schools of business in the country.

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Our building incorporates a philosophy…We want to build communities, so our objective is to have a building that students can come stay in and remain in.

Dean Finley Graves
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Conceived as a marketplace – the root of all business transactions – the building was conceived as a series of discrete buildings surrounding and organized by a “public square.” This strategy addresses the vast scale of the school and creates a central gathering place where students, faculty and professionals interact in large or small groups, formally or serendipitously.

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Faculty offices are arranged in a “figure 8” arrangement around a series of green roof terraces. Cantilevered beyond the lower floors, this third level acts as a “parasol” to shade the glass and outdoor spaces below.

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Classrooms are arranged in blocks rising up through the building, separated from other floor areas by bridges and skylights. The public spaces are connected by three main public stairs that traverse the floors of the building, providing for quick and efficient student movement through the building between classes.

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The project also includes a new 950-car parking garage/central plant to support the needs of the College of Business Administration and surrounding University.


Denton, TX
180,000 GSF
Classrooms, Auditorium, Computer Labs, Library, Conference Rooms, Faculty Offices, Lounge and Study Rooms, Café, 950-car Parking Garage, Central Plant


Ennead Design Team
James S. Polshek, 1930-2022, Kevin McClurkan, Robert Young, Jesse Peck, Charmian Place, Jeffrey Geisinger, Adam Mead, Jena Rimkus, Na Sun, Marcela Villarroel-Trinidade
Associate Architect
Jacobs Consultancy, GPR Planners Collaborative


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