General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Enclave

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General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Enclave

The design for this residential building unites past and present, updating a palette of two centuries of architectural history to meet the modern era.

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During the design development of Chelsea Enclave details like the texture, color and value of every brick and molding were researched extensively to create a seamless transition between old and new – a distinction already lauded by the NYC Landmarks Commission.

Susan T. Rodriguez, Design Partner
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An historic landmark and one of the oldest seminaries in North America, General Theological Seminary provides a context of tradition, natural beauty and tranquility for the residences of Chelsea Enclave. 

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0510 Chelsea Enclave Street1
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The landmarked enclave employs scale, palette and open space consistently. In facing the challenge of integrating housing into this site, the design presents a modern intervention respectful of its existing context.

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0510 Chelsea Enclave Facade2
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The design references the scale and material quality of the Gothic-inspired architecture of the historic Chelsea Square precinct, employing a subtle interplay of brick, brownstone and glass to create a dialogue between old and new. Modern glass panels illuminate the textured brick façade, offering an outstanding architectural complement to the surrounding sanctuary.

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0510 Chelsea Enclave Street3


New York, NY
170,000 GSF
Fifty-four residential units


Design Partner
Susan T. Rodriguez
Management Partner
Timothy Hartung
Project Manager
Damyanti Radheshwar
Design Team
Sean Baumes, Lois Mate, Dona Orozova, Harry Park, Patricia Salas, Melissa Sarko, Daniel Stube
Associate Architect
Daniel Frankfurt P.C. Engineers & Architects


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WSP Flack + Kurtz, Inc.
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.
Brandston Partnership, Inc.
Shen Milsom & Wilke
Construction Specifications, Inc.
Code/Life Safety
Design 2147
Harvey Marshall Berling Associates
Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects