Huzhou Vocational and Technical Campus Master Plan

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Huzhou Vocational and Technical Campus Master Plan

The master plan for the Huzhou Vocational and Technical College is conceived under the notion of ‘Campus as Garden’, providing a counterpoint to the adjoining Huzhou Universities more traditional organization of ‘Campus with Gardens’.

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Situated between the quarried northern face of the hills of the Xisai Shan Mountain Region and the edge of the developing city, the new campus aims to “heal” the mountain while reinforcing the important connection between nature and humanity resulting in a unique setting for learning and living at the convergence of nature, academy, and city.

The campus’ architectural expression and massing draw inspiration from principles of the Tang and Song Dynasty which values simplicity, honesty, and the seamless integration with nature.

Precincts and Nodes

The campus is broken down into various precincts that offer a range of distinct yet connected experiences throughout. Buildings, grouped programmatically and by precinct, share similar architectural characteristics and relationship to nature that helps with legibility and wayfinding while also contributing to the richness of an episodic garden-like experience.

The garden campus is connected through a network of pedestrian paths that weave through the various precincts and punctuated by a network of memorable landscape nodes for gathering, leisure, and individual reflection.

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River Valley Academic Corridor

Reminiscent of the brush strokes found in Hu calligraphy, the river valley academic buildings trace along the edges of the linear waterway metaphorically and physically connecting mountain to water. Bridges, stepped landscape and terraces, encourage a sense of exploration and wandering while being intimately connected to nature.

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Student Dorm 2
Student Dorm 1

Student Life Villages

Student dormitory buildings are arranged in 3 primary clusters and are comprised of U-shape courtyard buildings and towers. The courtyards and terraces are lined with wood to offer a warmer interior for students in contrast to the noble and muted outer surfaces clad in traditional grey brick.

The western gateway is the formal entrance to the garden campus and is marked by the entry gate at the northern end of Nobel Square – a paved processional plaza able to host campus-wide ceremonies and community events.

Western Gateway
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At the southern threshold of the plaza lies the iconic main library and gallery. Floating above the intersection between Noble Square and the Picturesque Mirror River, with panoramic views of the garden campus to the south and the city to the north, the library is a beacon, a symbol of learning that inspires and stimulates students with its elevated vantage point and contrasting views.


The library’s light-filled interior offers a diversity of spaces for both individual and small group study. Generous open space connects all floors of the upper library volume and serves as a central core where students feel part of a larger community while encouraging chance encounters and promoting knowledge exchange through social interaction. The interior finishes are to be warm yet vibrant, drawing from nature and a blend of modern and traditional aesthetic as seen in the ensemble of the rest of the buildings on campus. A multitude of furniture layouts and types will ensure that every student is able to find a place suitable to them and that they feel welcomed and comfortable within a “living room” for learning.

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Shared Axis 2
Shared Axis 1

Shared Axis

A North-South shared axis zone links the VoTech campus to the Huzhou University and welcomes the surrounding community with generous landscaped plazas and large-scale buildings that house spaces for sporting events, conferences, and entertainment.

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