Jefferson Health's Honickman Center

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Jefferson Health's Honickman Center

Jefferson Health's Honickman Center is designed to bring high-quality healthcare to a diverse community, establishing a new identity for this renowned urban healthcare institution.

“This new landmark tower creates such a positive impact at several different scales, bringing specialty healthcare services to the community, acting as cornerstone and institutional anchor to National Real Estate’s East Market development, and contributing a distinguished new addition to the Philadelphia skyline.”

Thomas Wong, Design Partner

In recent years, Philadelphia’s East Market, a 4.3-acre urban redevelopment project, has reactivated the heart of Center City Philadelphia. As a key component of the more than $1 billion project, the new Specialty Care Pavilion stands as the flagship Outpatient Specialty Care Facility for Jefferson Health. Designed to enhance the East Market neighborhood, the 19-story building includes a mixed-use program with retail on the ground floor and clinical care above.

1835 Ennead 1101 Chestnut Ext04 Aerial 110520

Forging a new architectural identity and brand for Jefferson Health, the building is clad in a dynamic sculptural glass façade composed of compound curved ‘pleats’ recalling the city’s history of textile innovation. The facility establishes a strong new presence and sets the direction for the institution’s further development.

JHHC Photo By Bruce Damonte 04 Gallery from Street

The building is designed to reinforce the vision for the East Market development—a dynamic urban environment for young professionals and innovators who place value on experience and convenience. Together the civic plazas and the open and welcoming lobby and amenity spaces on the ground level activate the urban streetscape and contribute to the development of the East Market neighborhood. An integrated art program further reinforces the institution’s connection to the community it serves, enriching the quality of the public spaces within the building as well as on the exterior with a monumental mural along Chestnut Street.

JHHC Photo By Bruce Damonte 06 Lobby looking out towards 11th and Chestnut
JHHC Photo By Bruce Damonte 08 interior Open Waiting Room

From the moment patients arrive, they are greeted by a warm, welcoming experience. The lower levels of the building orient patients quickly and easily, providing them with thoughtfully designed waiting and amenity space, including a café, retail pharmacy, meditation, and multipurpose spaces. The interior is designed to accommodate the institution’s patient population, including an integration of best practices for neurodiverse patients.

JHHC Photo By Bruce Damonte 10 interior 11th floor lobby

Focused on providing the highest quality patient experience, this state-of-the-art facility will offer convenient and centralized access to clinical care for many of the institution’s signature medical specialties, including cancer care, imaging, and ambulatory surgery. Clinical spaces leverage technological advances to optimize patient-provider interaction. The facility provides a unique ‘high-touch’ and high-tech experience for patients where their needs are always at the center of care.

JHHC Photo By Bruce Damonte 11 interior 11th floor lobby view 2


Philadelphia, PA
590,000 GSF
Specialized clinical exam floors, imaging, ambulatory surgery center, cancer center, waiting lounge, cafe, multi-purpose room, reflection space, retail pharmacy


Ennead Design Team
Thomas Wong, Don Weinreich, Jarrett Pelletier, Chris Stoddard, Lois Mate, Kevin Krudwig, Eunsuk Bae, Najiyah Edun, Anders Evenson, Kathleen Kulpa, Ryan Lewandowski, Marcus Miller, Tzara Peterson, Dominik Sigg
Associate Architect
Parking Garage Architect
MEP/IT Consultant
Jaros, Baum & Bolles
Bruce Damonte