New York University, Economics and Politics Department

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New York University, Economics and Politics Department

The renovation of an eight-story nineteenth-century building provides a new home for NYU’s Economics and Politics Department and reinforces the University’s presence in the city, its urban “campus.”

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We worked with New York University to create a sense of campus by visually orienting academic spaces to the City.

Joseph Fleischer and Kevin McClurkan, Management Partners

On the upper floors, offices for graduate students and faculty feature abundant natural light and views into the full depth of all academic spaces. Clerestory glazing provides full privacy for each office while allowing daylight to penetrate interior spaces. Faculty and student offices are intermingled, promoting interdisciplinary encounters. 

On the ground floor, circulation and lounge spaces are pushed to the perimeter and black box academic spaces are pulled inboard. The open lounge enlivens the street-level façade, affording views to the street and allowing pedestrians views into the academic space, and provides a casual meeting spot for students and faculty.

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Open, informal meeting areas further foster student and faculty interaction. The ground floor contains a 200-seat state-of-the-art lecture hall, a 50-seat classroom and a student lounge that stretches the length of the building, connecting entrances on West 4th and Greene Streets. 


New York, NY
87,000 GSF
Offices, Classrooms, Student Lounge, 200-seat Lecture Hall


Ennead Design Team
Joseph Fleischer, Kevin McClurkan, Robert Young, Lori Pavese Mazor, Melissa Sarko, Charmian Place, Michael Tyre, Molly McGowan
Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Jon Roemer