NYU Langone Health, Tisch Hospital Renovations and Addition

0916 Nyulh Tisch 3

NYU Langone Health, Tisch Hospital Renovations and Addition

A multi-phased renovation and addition focused on public spaces and critical infrastructure transformed the experience of visiting and working in the hospital.

0916 Nyulh Tisch 3

The addition of four passenger elevators on the outside of the building and an expanded lobby addressed a long-standing deficiency in the hospital. On the inpatient floors, the new elevator tower also afforded much needed spaces for staff collaboration and family support. The elevator tower incorporates vertical pathways for new electrical and IT service, enabling critical technology upgrades of the nursing units.

As part of the project, building electrical and mechanical systems were relocated from the basement level to the first floor, elevating the critical infrastructure above the 500-year flood elevation.

Tisch Hospital Gift Shop

New family and staff amenities on the first floor of the hospital include a meditation room, retail, and a major new cafeteria overlooking First Avenue. The redesigned central courtyard provides a variety of respite spaces for families and staff.

1916 1310 Cafe And Lobby Composite Plan

NYU Langone Health, Tisch Hospital Renovations and Addition is a key component of Ennead's NYU Langone Health Master Plan.  


New York, NY
Tisch Hospital Elevator Tower and Lobby: 40,364 GSF
Cafeteria: 34,460 GSF
Lobby, Infrastructure, Cafeteria, Retail, Meditation Room, Garden


Ennead Design Team
Thomas Wong, Duncan Hazard, Alex O'Briant, Marissa Sweig Trigger, Edward Christian, Marc Schaut, Amy Cantwell, Michael Mangiagli, Todd Van Varick, Matthew Dionne, Dalia Hamati, Stefan Abel, Marcela Villarroel-Trindade, Kyo-Young Jin, Charmian Place, Natasha Skogerboe, Darla Elsbernd, Brad Burns, Marisa Kolodny, James Macho, Anna Baez, Michael Patraulea, Peter Ogman, Jason Abbey
Landscape Consultant
Joanna Pertz Landscape, Quennel Rothschild
Lab Planner Consultant
MEP / IT Consultant
Jaros, Baum & Bolles
Retail Architect
CWB Architects