Purdue University, Dudley and Lambertus Hall

Ennead 1922 Purdue Gateway 01 Final Ext Photo 0007 medium

Purdue University, Dudley and Lambertus Hall

Purdue University’s Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall is an interdisciplinary teaching and research facility shared by the College of Engineering and the Polytechnic Institute. With Purdue’s engineering and polytechnic programs expanding at a remarkable pace, the University needed space that could provide a gateway to student success, enabling the future of engineering and polytechnic education, with an emphasis on to-scale experiential learning and real-world engagement in labs that are able to flex and pivot along with evolving marketplace demands.

The building creates a prominent entry point for the campus, welcoming visitors as they arrive from the east, complementing the campus’ natural flow, and establishing a new district. The first facility in Purdue’s new Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway Complex, Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall is one of the largest academic buildings on campus.

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Ennead 1922 Purdue Gateway 01 Final Ext Photo 0007 medium
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Much care was given to the architecture to ensure that the building was appropriate for the sensitive campus setting. Its simple brick forms blend with the surrounding context while its terracotta-shaded curtainwall offers a highly engineered contemporary take on the historic fabric.

The design team was challenged to bring together multiple disciplines and departments into one building while fostering an environment of open collaboration and research excellence. In addition to state-of-the art multidisciplinary research labs, the facility houses interdisciplinary instructional space, design studios for senior and capstone projects, collaborative space supporting active learning, an entire floor of student support spaces, and over 200 faculty and administrative offices. Built for flexibility, the building includes several massive lab spaces that can support to-scale learning experiences ranging from manufacturing production lines to home and commercial construction projects, and from powertrain technology development to human integration processes.

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West Lafayette, IN
250,000 GSF
Instructional labs including two large high-bay spaces; 20 wet, dry, & computational research labs; student support spaces; 201 faculty and staff offices, collaboration spaces; conference rooms; open study areas


Ennead Design Team
Alex O'Briant, Emily Kirkland, Lois Mate, Kevin McClurkan, Amber Kulikauskiene, Kailey Baker, Maria Stathi
Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Aislinn Weidele