New York City Fire Department, Rescue Company 3

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New York City Fire Department, Rescue Company 3

Establishing a new model of efficiency and responsiveness for a special operations rescue team, the design for this facility captures the essence of the FDNY – toughness, strength, stalwartness, discipline and generosity.

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Designing a facility that was comfortable and efficient twenty-four hours a day was paramount. While the site is small, the reach of the project is large; it was an honor to design for those who keep our city safe.

Todd Schliemann, Design Partner

This high performance, durable, logistically efficient, maintainable “machine” is the first new rescue company designed specifically to accommodate the special unit’s activities and the first constructed under the design excellence program of the New York City Department of Design and Construction.

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The building’s aluminum façade and zinc-clad roof distinguish it as a commanding and secure civic structure, while its oversized FDNY-red apparatus doors reinforce the FDNY’s identity and welcoming presence in the community.

0515 Rescue3 Facade
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In its organization, the building is an analogue of the company’s Apparatus Rig – the most important piece of equipment in the house. All spaces in the building are strategically located in relation to the centrally-placed rig, but are stacked to accommodate the restricted site. 

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Organized into “dirty” and “clean” functional spaces: tool storage, the design locates physical work areas and vehicles on the ground and basement levels, rest, study and dining on the second level; and training and fitness spaces on the mezzanine. The design is singularly responsive to quality of life issues in this 24/7 facility; the material quality explicitly identifies the environment as “home.”

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Special infrastructure and equipment storage requirements respond to the elite company’s role in more specialized emergency situations such as building collapses, subway emergencies and scuba operations.


Bronx, NY
21,600 GSF
Office Spaces, Kitchen and Dining Facilities, Dormitory, Apparatus Bay, Training Tower, Meeting Room, Health/Fitness, Workshop, Lumber Storage Room


Design Partner
Todd Schliemann
Management Partner
Timothy Hartung
Project Designer
Jack Phillips
Project Manager
V. Guy Maxwell
Design Team
Gary Anderson, Carlyle Fraser, Anthony Guaraldo, Jörg Kiesow, Ryan Meeks, Si-Yeon Min, Yekta Pakdaman-Hamedani, Charmian Place, Gregory Smith, Todd Van Varick


  • 2010
    • New York Construction, Best of the Year, Merit Award, Government/Public Buildings
  • 2007
    • Award for Excellence in Design, The Art Commission of the City of New York


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WSP Flack + Kurtz, Inc.
Robert Schwartz & Associates
Code/Life Safety/Expediting
Jerome S. Gillman Consulting Architect, P.C.
Cost Estimating
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General Contractor
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