Ennead's Director of Applied Computing, Brian Hopkins, Included in Archinect article on VR

Attrium Entry Ppl

Brian Hopkins quoted in Archinect article titled How VR may be the bridge firms and educators need to share architecture:

"Pushing the limits of structural design through VR allows everyone to be on the same page and subsequently "speak the same language” by creating spaces that are familiar. Brian Hopkins, of Ennead Architects, shares his thoughts on data visualization and VR stating, '...it makes the quantifiable qualitative. We’re humanizing the data.' After all, architecture at its core is a practice that revolves around placing and organizing objects within a space. Tools like VR allow for the unbuilt to be explored, reimagined, and understood. Is VR changing architecture's reality? The answer is simple, yes. Now, the design process has become a beautiful collection of data, and with the help of data visualization tools, virtual reality is merely a place for immersive analytics to live and thrive."

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