United States Embassy, Ankara, Turkey included in State Magazine article on "Accessibility and Diplomacy"

1425 1 Ennead Ankara Arrival Court View Rev

United States Embassy, Ankara, Turkey is featured in State Magazine article on Accessibility and Diplomacy, which highlights OBO's commitment to ensuring accessible facilities for all.

An excerpt from the article:

Working with the design team headed by Ennead Architects, OBO identified accessible entry as both a key driver and a major challenge given the 3 meters of grade change between the street and the front chancery entrance. A clear, direct route embodies the tenets of universal design and brings visitors of all abilities along the same path. The ascent to the access pavilion’s front door is gently sloped, facilitating way-finding for first-time visitors and reinforcing a sense of welcome. The front door is visible through the glassy entry pavilion, and the entrance is further defined by the cantilever of the building that shelters it. Contrasting paving strips in the sidewalks mark an accessible path for people with low vision. Progress across the site, which steps up via a series of terraces to support functions at the rear of the site, is made via ramps, avoiding stairs and lifts wherever possible.

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