Ennead Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the many histories, ancestries, and cultures of Latinx communities within the United States and coincides with the Independence Day celebrations of Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Ennead celebrates the importance of this month and the contributions and perspectives of our Latinx colleagues and collaborators, as well as the impact of Hispanic heritage in the field of architecture, past and present.

“As a Cuban / Mexican American architect who has worked throughout Latin America, I am regularly reminded of the layers of inspiration that come from south of our borders and how the language of architecture draws deep from indigenous sensibilities. These influences create a constantly transforming mosaic infused with extraordinary cultural vibrancy which resonates throughout design across the globe. As the Senior Project Coordinator for Ennead in Miami, it is a privilege to experience and contribute to this ever-evolving mosaic in a city which proudly celebrates its Hispanic heritage.”

—Roberto Espejo

“As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it is important to reflect on the impact the Hispanic community has on architecture. As a Colombian woman, my traditions have influenced who I am today and have shaped how I think, work, and design. My heritage has provided me with a whole scope of resources to draw upon. Growing up in a large, extended family environment, I learned how diverse perspectives between people can lead to creative energy. Architecture, as a discipline, benefits from the voices of immigrants like me, sharing their perspectives and engaging in the collaborative process that results in better buildings for all.”

—Laura Rodriguez

Read about the many Latinx architects who have shaped both the city of New York and the nation. Discover more about identity, historical legacies, and impact in ¡Presente! A Latino History of the United States, an online exhibition of the National Museum of the American Latino. Join the events celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in NYC and see El Museo del Barrio’s online exhibition in partnership with Nuevayorkinos, a digital visual archive dedicated to New York City’s Latinx population.

Learn about the current state of Latinx representation within the architectural profession, published by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and efforts to increase the numbers. Listen to the AIA panel discussion “Latinas in Architecture - Stories of Raising the 1% One Latina at a Time.”

Ennead is proud to support Arquitina, a professional leadership and licensure initiative working to raise the percentage of licensed Latina architects in the U.S.