Florida Museum Selects Ennead for Powell Hall building expansion

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Florida Museum has announced the selection of Ennead to lead the design of an addition to the Florida Museum of Natural History’s public exhibit building, Powell Hall.

“Our firm historically — and I personally — have a strong interest in helping institutions grow, helping institutions achieve their mission,” said Thomas Wong, design partner and lead architect on the expansion. “Using architecture is just one of the ways to make a transformation.”

The Thompson Earth Science Institute advocates for environmental stewardship and science education in the state of Florida. Our team hopes to draw inspiration from Florida’s unique landscape.

“The natural environment of Florida is one that I think has rich content to draw from,” Wong said. “And we really want to make this tailored to the essence of the place.”

The new addition will include features like a grand atrium, a learning theater/auditorium, a high-tech classroom, an exhibition gallery, open laboratories, conference and community meeting rooms, and workspaces for TESI staff.

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