Todd Schliemann and Jarrett Pelletier Speak at LabManager Webinar

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Title: “What a People-Focused Lab Looks Like”

Speakers: Todd Schliemann FAIA and Jarrett Pelletier AIA of Ennead Architects


Ennead Partner Todd Schliemann FAIA and Associate Principal Jarrett Pelletier AIA discuss the keys to maximize research environments in support of the people whose research work depends on collaboration and interdisciplinary interactions. They will discuss the essential design features of laboratories that optimize human wellness and performance, foster greater connections between researchers, and help to advance the pace of enterprising science. As a case study of a “people-focused lab” they will look at the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact at University of Oregon, which was designed to dissolve the boundaries that have historically slowed down discovery and empower researchers as individuals and as a collective, while supporting innovation for positive social impact.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Designing research environments to enhance the reach of innovations and discoveries
  • Developing social structures within working environments that lead to accelerating research outcomes
  • Pre-planning for connectivity and community
  • Incorporating health and wellness in the laboratory