Architectural Digest Pro Speaks with Thomas Wong and Grace Chen about Opening a Foreign Office

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Architectural Digest Pro recently spoke with Ennead Partner, Thomas Wong, and Ennead Principal Grace Chen about an important decision: "To branch or not to branch?" The article says "Opening a foreign office can seem like an overwhelming task, and so can assuring that it will flourish with a regular churn of new projects. However, according to designers who have made it look easy, what is crucial to these conversations is defining the relationship between home and away—for staff, clients, and the public."

Thomas Wong, Ennead Partner told Architectural digest “In addition to the benefit of diversification from our original set of goals, expanding our practice internationally has certainly impacted us as a work culture and a design culture,” says Wong. “It has energized us, it has brought amazing new people into our sphere, and it has given us a more adventurous spirit in exploring the reach of design.”

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