Ennead Lab and Public Works Partners join the Local Center to Activate Future Site of the Soundview Economic Hub

2023 08 01 Local Center1

Ennead is excited to share that we have teamed up with Public Works Partners to join the Local Center and work with Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Inc. (YMPJ) on activating the future site of the Soundview Economic Hub.

The project team includes Ennead Lab representatives, Nick Hornig, Masha Konopleva, Ayumi Sugiyama, Adam Mead,

Urban Design Forum has recruited five Local Center project teams consisting of 30+ designers, artists, and planners who will support their neighborhood partners to reclaim public spaces to reflect the diverse experiences of their neighborhoods:

• Studio Fōr and Hive Public Space, supporting Chhaya Community Development Corporation
• Creative Urban Alchemy, LLC, with Agency – Agency, Liminal, Partners in Public, Public Sentiment, studio aoa, and Youth Design Center, supporting Growhouse Community Design + Development Group.
• RUEd’ ARCH and Snøhetta, supporting Queens Community Justice Center - The Rockaways
• Ennead Architects Lab and Public Works Partners, supporting Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Inc.

The teams represent a dynamic line-up of interdisciplinary talent from several corners of Urban Design Forum and Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD)'s combined networks. They were selected by our neighborhood partners from a robust pool of interest. We are grateful to all the 40+ firms and 60+ individuals who responded to our call.

Meet the teams, learn about their five projects, and read reflections on the process here.