Ennead Principal David Tepper on Buildings 2.0 Podcast

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Ennead Principal David Tepper was recently a guest on the Buildings 2.0 podcast. The episode explores the evolving landscape of architecture, and the profound impact of AI and other emerging technologies on the future of design and architectural training.

"We like to believe that our work really really matters, that we're changing the world...7:40

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one of the things we think distinguishes ennead is that we have a kind of bespoke process with each of our clients and if you look at our buildings they don't ultimately look alike because you cant necessarily look at them and say that's an ennead building because we develop them through a process that we design with our clients so each design problem is a kind of unique process tailored to the particular needs of that client and in that way the buildings that emerge out of that partnership are very much attuned to the particular identity of that client, the particular program or mission and the particular context that the building is in so that leads to a lot of diversity in the office and a lot of ways of doing things which is great on the one hand because it keep s us all nimble and keeps us from getting bored