New York Times Include Grey Art Museums in "Upgraded Museums Add New Value to College Campuses"

Grey Ennead 6466

The New York Times included the Grey Art Museum in an article discussing how "Upgraded Museums Add New Value to College Campuses."

The article details some of the benefits of the recently re-opened Grey Art Museum.

In a city awash with museums, the Grey has to differentiate itself. First established in 1975, a bequest allowed it to move to a more visible place off Washington Square Park. It reopened on March 2. 

The new quarters incorporate a large study space that will be available by appointment to students, faculty and researchers, something the museum’s director, Lynn Gumpert, called her dream. “A study center for me is the raison d’être of the university art museum,” she said.

Many of the museums that increase their space say it will allow them to better highlight some of their special collections. For the Grey, that means visitors can see a bit more of the 1,000 works of modern Iranian, Indian and Turkish art donated in 1975. “After consulting with experts on both Iranian and Turkish modernism, starting back in 2002, we realized that the Grey housed the largest institutional holdings of Turkish and Iranian modern artworks outside those respective countries,” Gumpert said.

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