U.S. Embassy Designed by Ennead Architects Opens in Ankara, Turkey


The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) has opened the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Türkiye, designed by internationally renowned architecture firm Ennead Architects. The new Embassy balances transparency and openness with security, while honoring Türkiye’s historic architecture and meeting OBO’s goals of sustainability, resiliency, and stewardship within functional facilities that ensure a robust platform for U.S. diplomacy abroad.

In February, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and U.S. Ambassador to Türkiye Jeffrey Flake led a small dedication ceremony underscoring the United States’ commitment to the U.S.- Türkiye relationship and Türkiye’s role as a critical regional and security partner.

“At the core of Ennead Architects’ work on this project is that it is specific to its location and emphasizes the power of place, creating the perfect blend of mission and culture,” said Richard Olcott, Design Partner at Ennead Architects. “Through our close study of local building techniques, construction materials, and historic traditions, the U.S. Embassy in Türkiye serves as an inspiring, flexible, and collaborative workplace that accommodates the needs of dedicated staff and visitors alike.”

“In order to signify the United States’ dedication to diplomacy and commitment to the host country, our job as architects is to ensure that every diplomatic compound we design is an extension of the surrounding region and community,” said Felicia Berger, Ennead Principal and Project Manager. “By reinterpreting Turkish design history in a contemporary way, we’re proud to deliver a civic-minded and purpose-driven facility that reflects U.S. values of transparency, openness, and accessibility. Ennead's commitment to a sustainable approach to design responds to the local culture and proudly represents the United States within the global community.”

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