Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square

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Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square

Apple has created a “town square” with its Scottsdale store, a place that engages the public and turns the introverted mall experience outward to the city and establishes a shared civic space. The two-story, split-level store creates a public forum that stretches from the interior to the outdoor amphitheater.

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The main design features of the project include a split-level store layout, a terraced public plaza, and a heroic cantilevered shade trellis. Unifying the building massing and providing for a unique architectural feature, the perforated horizontal trellis extends from the store’s interior to cover the exterior walk and southern public plaza. 

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1600 Apple Scottsdale Glass Detail Inside

Material consistency spanning between the interior and exterior of the design emphasizes the blurring of the boundary between the interior retail experience and exterior public outdoor spaces transcending the function of the space beyond its primary use.

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Set in the extreme climate of Arizona, this project was conceived as an indoor/outdoor “town square” for the public. 

Laminated low-iron glazing was utilized for maximum transparency between the interior and exterior. The design sought to substantially reduce direct sunlight and heat gain on glass facades in order to improve the glazing performance and overall building energy performance. A performative perforated canopy of Ultra High Performance Concrete cantilevers to shade the glass façade and eliminate direct sunlight in the store during hours of operation. Perforated with apertures, parametrically designed to the store’s exact latitude and longitude, and scaled in relation to their distance to the glazing, the canopy allows patrons unfettered views of the sky while keeping the façade and interior cool.

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This project did not seek specific third-party certifications, however voluntarily complied with the 2015 International Green Construction Code (Scottsdale Green Building Program) and implemented the client driven Environmental Responsibility Guideline Objectives which focus on reduction of climate change impact, energy efficiency, enhanced commissioning, resource conservation and material safety. The project design yields an anticipated annual energy consumption savings of 36.7%, as compared to performance values set forth in ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010 and recycled/diverted construction waste of 88.96%.


Scottsdale, AZ


Ennead 团队
Tomas Rossant, Molly McGowan, Anthony Guaraldo, Brian Masuda, Edward Kim, David Monnar, Patrick O'Neill, Mingxi Zou
Owner Design Team
Apple Retail, Real Estate and Development
Engineering Consultant
BuroHappold Engineering
Hufton and Crow, Ennead Architects