United States Consulate General, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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United States Consulate General, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Inspired by traditional Thai architecture, the new U.S. Consulate General creates sustainable, communal spaces strongly integrated into the landscape.

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Located in Chiang Mai, a walled medieval city in the mountains of Northern Thailand, the U.S. Consulate site is adjacent to a superhighway and part of a private business park. The campus design prioritizes the three public faces of the site for representational functions, reserving the northern edge abutting a neighboring superstore, for service and support.

The U.S. Consulate is inspired by the rich design traditions of Northern Thailand, including elevated terrace homes, modular wood screens, and a strong connection between architecture and landscape.

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Drawing from these traditions, the Consulate is expressed as a series of independent volumes, at the center of which is a common terrace surrounded by shared programs that support the Consulate community. Shaded by a series of louvers and perforated screens, the terrace is landscaped to create two independent seating areas bounded by lush native plantings which recalls the strong tradition of indoor-outdoor living and biophilic design found in Northern Thailand.   

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The rich material palette of natural wood and handcrafted masonry and ceramics accentuate the strong connection between interior and exterior, evoking the connection to nature and community found in the former U.S. Consulate on the Ping River.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
Consulate Office Building: 7,283 GSM / 78,390 GSF; Site: 6.01 Acres
Offices, Consular Services, Cafeteria, Multipurpose Room, Recreational Facilities, Commissary, Medical Facilities, Warehouse, Shops, Entrance Pavilions, Parking, Utility Building, Residence


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Richard Olcott, Kevin McClurkan, Kate Mann, Felicia Berger, Kristen Alexander, Anna Baez, Josh Broadway, Amy Cantwell, Stefani Fachini, Dalia Hamati, Kathleen Kulpa, Apexa Patel, Maayan Perez, Lynette Salas, Sam Sidersky, Henry Weintraub