Shanghai Pujiang Smart Media City

1913 Media City C02 Old Tower

Shanghai Pujiang Smart Media City

The Smart Media City provides the media industry with a center of creativity and a destination for industry events. The urban design scheme synthesizes complex program requirements and site constraints into a 24/7 multi-disciplinary campus with flexible spaces designed to accommodate the changing needs of media talent.

It is our intention to envision Oriental Smart Media City as a working model for media professionals but also an exciting destination for Shanghai residents and visitors alike. In the most singular of forms, we create an horizontal iconic void ringed by a dashing display of media activities.

Peter Schubert, Design Partner

Located in the Pujiang area of Shanghai’s Pudong district, the project is a continuation of the Caohejing Pujiang High-Tech Park, Life Health Campus and Pujiang Science and Creation Corridor.

1913 Media City C02 Old Tower

The project is organized around three “force vectors” – the subway line, the waterway, and the green belt – that funnel and converge at the heart of the project, known as “The Ring”. Media Lake, located on the west side of the plot, is connected to Life Lake, which anchors the east side of the site, providing an east-west connection across the site.

Anchoring the southwest and northeast corners of the site, the urban fabric paired with lush inviting landscaping forms a continuous ribbon that strings together the rich variety of neighborhoods within the Media City.

1913 Media City C12

In order to accommodate the complex requirements of a sophisticated media city, the project is organized around a series of interrelated neighborhoods, each programmed to support the specific creative processes of media production. Anchoring the northeast corner of the site is the Financial Headquarter composed of a full block of three slab towers. Located south of the Financial Headquarter, and moving clockwise around “The Ring”, the Writers’ Village and Directors’ Square provide an intimate space for conversation and collaboration. An episodic series of landmark places and centers, such as the Actors Platform and Producers Place, further unfold along the landscaped ribbon, each becoming a symbolic chapter in the sequence for creating a media story and event.

The first phase of the project will include the development of the northwest portion of the site, located directly off the subway station. This phase will consist of a studio complex, state-of-the-art studios and support spaces, an introductory learning and visitor center, and a small gallery and theater for live performances. Together, the elements included in the first phase of the project will serve as an anchor to the Media City.

1913 Media City C07 1

The Media City is a 24/7 atmosphere, that provides both daytime and nighttime attractions. To support daytime activity and economic development, the city is programmed with café and retail spaces, along with makerspaces, incubator offices, and co-working and lab spaces. Meanwhile, the entertainment venues support nighttime activity within the Media City.

1913 Media City C08

At the center of the city lies the media ring - a spectacle of information and entertainment. It is intended as an iconic space and the epicenter of creative making. It is symbolically an inspiration for writers, artist and tech genius and provides a year round platform for the ultimate performance venue - a 360 degree super media event.


Shanghai, China
8,826,400 GSF / 820,000 GSM
Media Studios, Media Office, R&D Space, Waterfront Retail, Conference Center, and Hotel


Ennead 团队
Peter Schubert, Kevin McClurkan, Grace Chen 陈昕昉, Jazzy Li 李樾祺, Lanxi Sun 孙澜溪, Jackie Zhou 周朝晖, Kyung Min, Phoebe Norcross, Miya Ruan 阮玲丽, Dominik Sigg