The Cove, Jersey City

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The Cove, Jersey City

This multi-phase waterfront redevelopment project near downtown Jersey City establishes a carbon neutral 24/7 live-work-play community for life science innovations and catalyzes the adjacent institutions and neighborhoods.

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The Cove in Jersey City is a multi-phase waterfront redevelopment project situated on an urban site at the terminus of the Morris Canal Basin along the southern edge of downtown Jersey City with direct vehicular and public transit connections to Manhattan. The site is part of the Grand Jersey Redevelopment Plan, issued in 2017, and is comprised of eight parcels located adjacent to existing medical, science, and cultural facilities, the project will create a new nexus for science and innovation in the greater New York City Area.

The Cove creates a fully programmed, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community that provides for all the needs of people who live, work, and play in the development. Driving the project’s development is the idea of a “15-Minute City,” where everything a person would need is no more than a 15-minute walk. Included in the multi-phase redevelopment are mixed-use condominium and rental towers that contain multi-family residential facilities, amenities, retail, and parking, an elevated park, and academic and commercial life science research facilities.

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The development is planned around the laboratory buildings, which will serve as the nucleus for the rest of the development, sparking new ideas and fostering collaboration and innovation throughout the site. The Cove’s integrated community blurs the line between laboratory spaces for academic institutions and commercial life science research and development. Throughout the research and development laboratories, the transparency and porosity of the design puts research on display to the broader public, building trust and an engaged community around life sciences.

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multi family market rate residential units, with amenities (gyms lounges pool deck, event rooms...)

multiple styles of residential living at multiple scales types: high rise town house, low rise

units will have manhattan and riverfront views.

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Incorporating the surrounding natural environment and sustainable design as central design elements, The Cove creates a healthy, active, and holistic outdoor experience. The design rehabilitates existing green spaces and introduces additional green spaces at varying scales to provide a range of outdoor environments for users. Biophilic design strategies are used to improve the wellness of the development’s users. The integration of plant life, natural materials, pedestrian friendly access through the site, and ample opportunities for exercise and social engagement all contribute to creating a healthy and productive environment.

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Given the waterfront site, the project’s design carefully considers resilience. The entire site is elevated to prevent against flooding and damage from storm surge and sea level rise. Additionally, the waterfront edge of the site will be made primarily of a permeable natural barrier of native flora that, in addition to preventing against flooding, will improve local water and air quality. The design will also restore the coastal habitat after hundreds of years of degradation and contamination.

Further contributing to the project’s sustainability is its integration of Aquathermy, which is a wastewater geo-exchange system that will harvest energy from the central wastewater system underneath the site and will completely fulfill heating and cooling energy demands for the development throughout the year.


Jersey City, NJ
2,915,000 GSF
Offices, Academic Laboratories, Commercial Laboratories, Residential, Retail, Parking, Gyms, Cafes


Ennead 团队
Peter Schubert, Don Weinreich, Chris Stoddard, Manson Fung, Kevin Hamlett, Christian Adamik, Anders Evenson, Matt Hitscherich, Winslow Koisir, Marcus Miller, Tzara Peterson, Ethan Shaw
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.