Peter Schubert and Nancy J Kelley Op-Ed "Science will reanimate New York City" featured in Crain's New York

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Science will reanimate New York City, by Peter Schubert and Nancy J Kelley, examines the transformative impact that science can have on New York City:

... the time is now for the city to engage in a coordinated effort to make this a place where science can thrive. The urgency for faster discoveries is clear, as are the opportunities they create, but what is needed is a new vision—where we streamline our connections and work together across industries to make New York a true city of science.

We must create a bold strategy that taps into the region’s rich scientific institutions, life sciences and technology companies, and top talent to form a coalition of sciences that leads us out of our economic and health crises, and puts the city on a trajectory of success for decades to come.
The coalition must identify the technology, facilities and workforce development programs to create a linkage between each entity for optimal coordination and, therefore, growth. The coalition’s plan must include ambitious and swift action.

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