Peter Schubert and Nancy J Kelley Op-Ed "From Beaker to Broadway" featured in AMNY

Beaker To Broadway

Beaker to Broadway: Rebuilding NYC as a dual hub of science and art by Peter Schubert and Nancy J Kelley explores how science buildings can and should engage New York City communities the same way that cultural buildings do.

By fostering a mecca for science as well as art — where science buildings and scientific programs engage and energize New Yorkers — the city could usher in a new wave of business and talent. It could be an economic driver that generates jobs in the research and tech industries, attract New Yorkers from underrepresented communities, and support the city’s workforce development goals by drawing in students of every age. Contrary to popular belief, science is not just a series of experiments that happens in a lab. Science adds to the cultural pulse of cities by fostering community engagement. It rebuilds neighborhoods, creates a citizenry that is educated about the world, protects public health, and leads the fight against climate change. Just as importantly, it gives us the inspiration to dream about how the world can—and should—be different.

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