Living Building Challenge & Net Zero project the Edelman Fossil Park and Museum at Rowan University is Under Construction

We are excited to see the Jean and Ric Edelman Fossil Park and Museum of Rowan University taking shape. It will be the largest public net zero emissions building in New Jersey and the first largest Living Building Challenge (LBC) building to achieve net zero energy in the state.

One of the project’s main goals is to encourage environmental stewardship, both through education and demonstration of high-performance sustainability throughout the building, which incorporates features such as geothermal wells that provide ground-source heating and cooling and a photo voltaic solar array. 100% of the energy used by the museum is planned to be supplied from renewable energy produced on-site. No fossil fuels will be combusted for museum operations and no greenhouse gasses will be released into the atmosphere. The building’s materials were selected to provide an efficient building structure and enclosure, while maximizing the use of renewable materials and resonating with the surrounding landscape, which will restore plant and animal habitats.

The design team for the project is a collaboration between Ennead Architects (Design Architect), together with KSS Architects (Architect of Record), along with exhibit designers Gallagher & Associates and landscape designers SEED Design/Yaki Miodovnik.

Drone footage courtesy of Powell Pixels.