Milwaukee Public Museum Video Featuring Ennead Team

Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) made a video about the process of creating the Future Museum, designed by Ennead and Kahler Slater. Watch and hear more about the project from members of the design team.

“There's absolutely no building like this any place else in the world. This could only be here in Wisconsin,” said Ennead Partner Don Weinreich FAIA. “It's unique because of the particular attitude that the leadership of the museum's organization takes towards its community and the state.”

Project Manager and Associate Principal Marissa Sweig AIA talks about the importance of community conversations in informing the design, “You really have to listen. Every inch is dedicated to something very specifically heard in those conversations.”

“The ambition is to create a place that's truly accessible and inclusive to everybody,” said Senior Designer and Associate Principal Jarrett Pelletier AIA. “We've created spaces that are open and welcoming, transparent places for self-expression, and places to build a stronger sense of community.” He goes on to explain, “The building is a journey. It unfolds, it's full of surprises. It's full of moments to make you wonder, be curious to learn more, to peel back the layers.”

Learn more about the Future Museum here.