ByteDance Houhai Center

2018 Byte Dance Exteriors 3

ByteDance Houhai Center

This international competition winning design for ByteDance’s Houhai Center in Shenzhen, China provides the multinational technology company with a flexible, unique, dynamic work environment.

2018 Byte Dance Exteriors 3

“The pursuit of innovative media is at the core of the ByteDance mission, whose communication platforms embrace creative exchange and the sharing of human experiences and ideas. We developed a design that expresses the essence of that mission, taking inspiration from the bits and bytes of computer science, which are ultimately expressed as elements in an undulating rhythm on the façade of a building that is programmed to support communication, curiosity, and collaboration. We thought of the tower as an algorithmic-shaped vessel contained within a sun-shading eco frame.”

Peter Schubert, FAIA Design Partner
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Located in the southern district of Shenzhen, where many of the city’s tech companies are based, the 62,600 gross square meter tower will include varied spaces for coworking, recreation, dining, and lectures, as well as retail on the lower level. The site is situated at the intersection of the main greenbelt of the Houhai commercial area with views to nearby Shenzhen Bay.

“ByteDance is an international leader that has reshaped the online global community. It was imperative we deliver a design that shares the same dynamism that the company is known for, while it supports their work culture and facilitates the kinds of social interactions and innovations that characterize their platforms.”

Grace Chen, Principal
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The design is conceived around modalities of connections, both visually and programmatically. By recessing the glass into a framework of extended floorplates, it creates a deeper connection between the inside and outside.  A highly energy-efficient exterior skin connects users to the outdoor environment, while increasing diffused daylighting deep into the floorplate. The new center prioritizes a healthy, comfortable, and flexible work environment which maximizes fresh air throughout the building, offers access to roof gardens and lush terraces, and via transparency and views invites greater engagement with the surrounding community. To support ByteDance’s innovative culture, the space is programmed to include a variety of options for working, from dedicated spaces for collaboration and technological invention, to social mixing zones that encourage informal gathering and support creative inspiration.  


Shenzhen, China
673,820 GSF
62,600 GSM
Offices, Coworking Spaces, Employee Recreation Facilities, Employee Canteen & Kitchen, Meeting Spaces, Conference Hall and Auditorium, Retail, Lobby, Customer Service Center, Parking


Peter Schubert, Kevin McClurkan, Grace Chen, Matthew Ostrow, Regina Jiang, Kevin Seymour, Jing Oh, Xiaohong Chen, Huishan He, Dongxu Cai, Alan Cation, Junxin Chen, Angela Chi, Nell El Souri, Rachel Finkelstein, Callie Fleetwood, Ayelet Gezow, Jessica Gunraj, Zachary Hinchliffe, Brian Hopkins, Winslow Kosior, Oliver Li, Xinya Li, Andri Putri, Nicolas Schmidt, Ethan Shaw, Furui Sun, Chenxue Wang, Viviana Wang