New York University, Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

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New York University, Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

The design for the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration across rapidly emerging scientific fields in a technologically-sophisticated, twenty-first century vertical laboratory facility.

0608 Genomics Facade

The design of the Center arises from the interplay of new and old to create a leading vertical laboratory facility. While incorporating the historical character of the site and its existing façades, the updated facility is optimized for the twenty-first century.

Richard Olcott, Design Partner
0608 Genomics Section

The design preserves three existing, six-story, 100-year-old façades, integrating a new building behind and expanding with ten additional stories of vertical laboratory space. 

0608 Genomics Entry

Addressing the challenge of creating a collegial research environment in a vertical laboratory, the new open plan, loft-like facility contains “vertical communities” – suites of floors connected by floor openings, communicating stairs between every two floors for ease of access and flow, and shared amenities between floors to foster cross-disciplinary interaction. 

0608 Genomics Lab2
0608 Genomics  Circulation
0608 Genomics Lab5
0608 Genomics Lab4
0608 Genomics Classroom

A vertical plane of glass unifies the building, offering a sense of space and visual contact throughout. As a common visual thread between the new and the old, the transparent plane provides enclosure for the building addition on the upper floors and defines the inside wall of offices on the lower floors.

0608 Genomics Context
0608 Genomics Auditorium
0608 Genomics Classroom


New York, NY
49,000 GSF
Wet Labs, Research Support, Bio-Informatics Stations, Offices, 100-Person Meeting Room, Classrooms, 150-seat Auditorium


Ennead Design Team
Richard Olcott, Joseph Fleischer, Stephen PD Chu, Charles Griffith, William Clark, Charmian Place, Youngsun Ko, Maura Rogers, Madeleine Sun, Frederick Tang, Henry Weintraub