Guangzhou Urban Resort and Fashion Collaborative

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Guangzhou Urban Resort and Fashion Collaborative

A dramatic, mixed-use headquarters for a notable e-commerce fashion powerhouse that establishes a new, luxury lifestyle environment for both workers and residents.

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Planned as key landmark within a newly-zoned, central area of the Pazhou Eye District in the city of Guangzhou, a luxury mixed-use development has been designed to serve as a symbol of the company’s growth, innovation and future creativity. The design combines an architectural style that embodies timeless Modernism, establishing an iconic urban presence that respects it’s context by employing innovative materials and green design principles.

People throughout the world spend vacation hours traveling to exclusive luxury resorts, where their highest level of expectation is exceeded. Our concept is to bring the feeling of this exclusive lifestyle to an urban setting, creating a ‘private urban resort’ for living, working, and playing.

Nestled along the beautiful Pearl River, the project’s architectural form was inspired by the nautical imagery of ocean liners and private yachts. The tower massing is separated into distinct low and high zones housing separate office and residential program, providing each with its own enhanced spatial qualities and expansive river views. The proportions are simple, and elegant and convey a sense of dynamic tension.


The first floor cultural center is transparent and open, suitable for staging fashion-related events, seasonal runway shows and design-themed exhibitions, serving as a unique showcase for the brand’s corporate image. Arriving in dramatic double-height lobbies, the open floor plan leads directly to shared retail, dining and cultural exhibition areas. Meticulously crafted details and materials combine to create unique spatial signatures.

Upon entering a multi-story residential sky lobby, an extensive series of hospitality-oriented amenities provide a highly-refined sense of luxury, surrounded by vivid city lights and expansive views. Ascending further into private residential units, a relaxed resort lifestyle is introduced in the urban sky featuring unobstructed 270° river views, curated living spaces and private pools.


Guangzhou, China
950,345 GSF (88,290 GSM)
Corporate Office Space, Office Lobby, Residential Lobby, Residential Amenities, Sky Lobby, Parking, Retail Spaces


Ennead Design Team
Peter Schubert, Grace Chen, Weiwei Kuang, Kevin Hamlett, Manson Fung, Ethan Shaw, Kathleen Gerard, Sanah Mengi, Yixuan Wang, Yan Ding, Weishan Lian, Xiangtai Sun, Yao Yao, Mimoza Gjonbalaj, Yudou Huang, Ingrid Evenson